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China and Britain Focusing on Children Education --- Education Delegation of Newcastle Visiting Our School

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China and Britain Focusing on Children Education

--- Education Delegation of Newcastle Visiting Our School

Date: October,29, 2014,

In October, in support of the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy, and International Exchange and Cooperation Department of Wuhan Education Bureau, it’s a great honor for the Primary School Attached to Central China Normal University to greet the distinguished guests from the education delegation of Newcastle. A long-awaited rain removed the dryness of autumn, refreshed the air. More importantly, it was just like the welcoming symbol. It was the third time for Jeanne Hale, the leader of the delegation, to come to Wuhan. Susan Tyreman, the vice-principle of Broadwood Primary School, the partner school of our school and other four principles from UK were in the delegation.

At 1:30 p.m. on October 28, 2014, the delegation came to the conference room accompanied and guided by some young students, who were also young translators. The visit fell into three stages, welcome ceremony, communication and dinner. At the welcome ceremony, Mr. Jiang Guoxiong, the deputy director of Hongshan District Education Bureau, Mr. Cao Huidong, the director of the office of teaching affairs of Central China Normal University (hereafter called CCNU) and Mr. Yao Xiaoming, principal of the Primary School Attached to CCNU, deliver welcome speeches. Mr. Jiang introduced to the guests Hongshan District Education Bureau puts "everyone is available to education" as the highest value target, and "enhancing the development of schools, the students learn well in class” as the starting point to cultivate the quality education; he affirmed the unremitting efforts our school had made to cultivate the students with international perspective and fasten the pace of internationalization of education by adhering to running the school facing the future and the world. Mr. Cao said that the visit not only helped to broaden our horizons, but also and more importantly, enabled the exchange of equal cooperation among peers, and thus keptup with the trend of international educational development. Mr. Yao introduced the educational philosophy of “Implementing sunshine education, cultivating sunshine youth” and expressed the expectation of communicating over education, learning from each other and promoting the sustainable and better development in both schools. Then, the guests watched a video introducing our school.

The next exchange points following sections: First, the guests were prepared by enjoying an English class named “How to entertain guests”, taught by Ms. Dai Ying. In class, the British principles sat among the students. They studied, communicated, and performed together. The classroom atmosphere was very pleasant. At the request of Mr. Morrison, the principal of Broadwood Primary School, the teachers from the primary school and kindergarten attached to CCNU shared their educational experiences with the guests. To be more specific, Ms. Liu Yuping, head of the kindergarten attached to CCNU and expert in teaching made a speech about education for children aged 3 to 5; Miss Liu Hongyun, deputy secretary of Party Committee and director of moral education in the primary school talked about “Family education and values Education in our school”; Mr. Liu Zheng, director of teaching and research in the primary school, talked about extracurricular education in our school. Their speeches had left a deep impression on the guests. And then the guests and us took photos and exchanged gifts.

The activities in the primary school lasted till 4.30pm, then we went to the kindergarten. The delegation visited the classroom, the library, and the science and technology museum. The colorful pictures, distinctive teaching aids and learning tools brought people into the world of fairy tales.

This activity gives the the British delegation a better understanding of the comprehensive ability of child education that Central China Normal University has. Having finished all the visiting activities, we went to Gui Yuan Hotel to have dinner. At dinner we had an in-depth and entertaining communication. Susan Tyreman, the vice-principle of Broadwood Primary School, the partner school of our school, hoped that in the near future we could dispatch teachers to both schools, organize student exchanges and so on. We also looked forward to better communication with their school and promote the development of children's education.

(Submitted by Ms. Liu Hongyun)


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