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Wuhan Primary High-quality Reading Class Demonstration Hosted Here

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Wuhan Primary High-quality Reading Class Demonstration Hosted Here

Date: May, 30, 2014

On May 29 and30, “Wuhan High-quality Reading Class of Primary School Demonstration” was successfully held at the Primary School Attached to Central China Normal University. Ms. Luokun Xia, Mr. Li Tianen and Ms. Zhang Fengying from Wuhan Academy of Educational Science, Mr. Gao Guangchun, researcher from the Teaching and Science Research Center of Hongshan District Education Bureau and more than 200 primary school Chinese teachers and researchers gathered here. Organized by Teaching and Research Department of primary education of Wuhan Academy of Educational Science, sponsored by the Primary School Attached to Central China Normal University, under the support of Mr. Yao Xiaoming, the principle of the Primary School Attached to CCNU, the coordination and arrangement of Ms. Gan Aimin, the event was a great success.

Lasted one and a half day, high-quality reading class is designed to encourage advanced teaching methods and promote mature teaching experience. The nine reading courses shown were high-quality reading class selected and standing out from the districts. The teaching content was very rich and broke boundaries in the segment curriculum. It was carried out in terms of time and grades. Every half a day covered three different grades. Guided by the concept of “New Curriculum Reform”,based on Chinese textbooks (Hubei Edition), making full use of information technology, the courses strived to use simple and efficient teaching process to highlight the subject characteristics and develop student’s personality. In a “teacher-led, student-centered” teaching philosophy, teachers fully respected students, mobilized the enthusiasm of the students, leaving enough time for students to read and think. Teacher-student interaction was very frequent; the atmosphere was harmonious.

The teachers had done a very good job and left deep impressions on the audience. The imaginative classroom design and problem-based teaching method were very attractive. For example, “My Hometown is in Beijing” taught by Ms. Huang Lihong from Wuluolu Primary School, “The Emperor's New Clothes” taught by Mr. Sun Xianfa from the Primary School Attached to Huazhong University of Science and Technology and so on.

The teachers participating in the conference found it rewarding. The art of teaching is not to teach skills, but to inspire, awaken and inspire. The high-quality reading class demonstrated the high quality of primary school Chinese teachers in Wuhan, provided a platform for the exchange of teachers and effectively promoted the development of primary school Chinese teaching in Wuhan.

(Submitted by Mr. Gan Aimin and Ms. Cai Jia)



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