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CCNU Vice-president Li Guiding “Excel in the performances”

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CCNU Vice-president Li Guiding “Excel in the performances”

Date: May, 8, 2014

On the afternoon of May 6, Mr. Li Xiangnong, the vice president of Central China Normal University, came to our school and made an investigation and research of the conduction of “Excel in the performances” in our school. When he was informed of the situation in our school, he made specific and detailed reviews, and provided some guidance for future work.

Mr. Yao Xiaoming, the Secretary of CPC Branch in our school, firstly reported to Mr. Li that our school had achieved greatly during the “11th Five-Year Plan”, but still had some problems. Then Mr. Yao clearly stated the goals of “12th Five-Year Plan”, i.e. to build the school into a modern, ecological and international primary school. He specifically introduced the idea, approaches and safeguards of realizing the goals from eight aspects.

After listening to Mr. Yao’s reports, Mr. Li fully affirmed that our school had made a good and organic combination of “Excel in the performances” and “12th Five-Year Plan”. With the background of the current domestic education, he said that “12th Five-Year Plan” of our school has accurate objectives, clear thinking, and concrete planning. He laid emphasis on the feasibility of the planning. He also mentioned that the relocation of our school was an important symbol of turning point and a key stage of development. The school should grasp the opportunity to further develop the school. Besides, Mr. Li pointed out that the relocation of the school would not change the nature ownership of the school, that is, it would still be under the management of Central China Normal University. This greatly inspired the staff.

As for the future work of our school, Mr. Li pointed out that in the next few years the school needed to, Firstly, maintain the sound development trend and keep sustainable development; secondly, to continue playing an exemplary role in radiation; thirdly, to focus on overall quality improvement. He emphasized that “Moral Education” should be put in the first place of elementary education and made some guidance about the moral education in our school.

Finally, Mr. Li put forward guidance for the latter stage of “Excel in the performances” in our school for a better and more effective development. All the party members needed to work together to create an outstanding party branch and make progress in “Excel in the performances” for the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.


(Submitted by Ms. Liu Hongyun)

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