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Evaluation of Teaching Activities by Parents and Students Conducted

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Evaluation of Teaching Activities by Parents and Students Conducted

Date: April, 13, 2014

In order to strengthen school management, further regulate the behavior of teaching, improve teaching quality, and implement effective moral education and efficient classroom construction program required by Wuhan Education Bureau andHongshan District Education Bureau. Recently, evaluation of teaching activities by parents and students was conducted in our school.

The content of the evaluation includes both education and teaching. Based on the questionnaires for parents designed by teaching affairs office and questionnaires for students designed by office for moral and political affairs, then making careful analysis, synthesis, screening and supplements, the school finally identified the content of the questionnaires. Because the parents are more familiar with Chinese teachers (also the head teacher) and mathematics teachers, questionnaires for parents are focused on them. Questionnaires for students are about teachers of all disciplines.

The schools assigned an administrative staff to send off and collect the questionnaires of each grade. The students surveyed firstly made the questionnaires for parents easier.

By statistics analysis and synthesis, it was found out that the questionnaires objectively reflected the teaching situation of teachers. The achievements were pointed out as well as the problems and recommendations. The questionnaires for parents showed that 80% of parents participated, i.e. 1472 parents, thought that the Chinese teachers had done a very good job with a good rate of more than 85%; 1472 parents thought that the Mathematics teachers had done a very good job with a good rate of more than 80%. Parents and students generally believed that teachers paid attention to students’ ideological education and behavior training. The teachers were dedicated, responsible, and patient.

In addition, parents and students also made some comments or suggestions, for example, there were too many students in the class so that the space was very limited; some classes of students had too much homework; a few teachers had covert corporal punishment on students; some teachers always kept teaching several minutes past the scheduled end of class; some teachers received calls in class and were late for class; some suggested that the schools had  more group activities and social practices, updated the school website, communicated with parents and so on.

The school attaches great importance to this evaluation. A special meeting was held to report to all the teachers the purpose, content and result analysis of this teaching evaluation. This acts as a reminder of the teachers to keep working hard on teaching and it works.


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