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HK Education Delegation Visiting Our School

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HK Education Delegation Visiting Our School

Date: June, 10, 2014

On the afternoon of June 9, the Hong Kong delegation of prospective teachers came to our school to communicate over education, consisting of about 50 members. Organized and arranged by Ms. Gan Aimin, vice principal of the Primary School Attached to Central China Normal University, this activity was a full success.

In the multifunction room, the teachers of our school demonstrated classes to the delegates. To be more specific, Ms. Liu Chunyan demonstrated “Life”, a fourth yearChinese Reading Lesson. By a unique interpretation of the text and many teaching methods, for example, “situation creation”, “to read rather than recite”, “experience of life” etc, the students have a better understanding of the text. Then “A Story of Nicola’s Holiday”, a sixth year English lesson was demonstrated by Ms. Zhang Qin. Guided by the new concept of curriculum, Ms. Zhang gave full play to the students’participating in class thus created a pleasant atmosphere.

After the demonstration classes, the two teachers explained clearly the teaching processes to the delegates showing the advanced teaching concepts and exquisite teaching designs, which symbolized the teaching level of our school. Then came the communication part host by Ms. Gan Aimin. Ms. Liu and Ms. Zhang communicated with the delegates over some details.

The pursuit of education brought teachers from both the Mainland and Hong Kong together. The lesson observation exchange activity, on the one hand, provided atraining platform for prospective teachers from HK , on the other hand, was a good opportunity for the teachers in our school to broaden horizons, enhancing the friendship between Mainland and Hong Kong teachers.

(Submitted by Mr. Gan Aimin and Ms. Cai Jia)

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