Happy Childhood

Happy Childhood--- Celebrating Children’s’ Day

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Happy Childhood--- Celebrating Children’s’ Day

Date: June, 5, 2014

On the afternoon of May, 28, “Happy Childhood--- the celebration of Children’s’ Day” was held on the playground of our school. The school was full of flowers, songs and laughters.

Mr. Peng Nansheng, the vice president of Central China Normal University attended the ceremony and made warm remarks. He firstly expressed his sincere wished to all the children, then based on the “Chinese Dream” put forward by President Xi, he hoped that the students in our school to keep on pursue their dreams and become excellent people in the future. Then Mr. Yao Xiaoming, the principle of our school sent his wishes to all the teachers and students. He hoped that every child in our school could grow happily and healthily and then extended his sincere thanks to the leaders of CCNU, parents and people from all walks of life for their support to our school.

The talented children made a wonderful show by singing, dancing, reading poems, performing comedies and so on. Some was about the daily school life; some talked about the love for motherland. The whole audience were fascinated by it and burst into laughers and applauses.

As the special guest of our school, the cultural troupe of Chinese Armed Police Force in Hubei Province presented an amazing show for the children. The face-changing performances and revolutionary songs they performed caught the eyes of the children and made the ceremony more pleasant.

The ceremony ended with a Cheer aerobics called “Beautiful Flowers”. The rich content, various programs, lovely dances, songs and performances fully embody the educational philosophy of our school, “Sunshine Education” and the comprehensive abilities of the children.

(Submitted by Ms.Wang Ying)



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