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Precautions when using vacuum compression bags
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Precautions when using vacuum compression bags:

(1) Before putting the clothing quilt into the compression bag, it should be dried in the sun.

(2) Do not place near heat, fire, etc., and do not use nails, needles or other hard objects to directly contact the compression bag to avoid damage.

(3) Please use as little as possible for feather products, as there are some hard feather tubes in the down products. When sucked into a vacuum compression, these hard stems will be the same as "leaf clinging nails", drilling quilt, clothing, and may cause the bag to leak.

(4) The zipper portion of the compression bag, if bent, will deform and degrade the sealing performance. Sealed zipper parts, if there is a small fiber, dust, will reduce the sealing performance, please clean with a gauze after the water to close the zipper.

(5) The compressibility and the recovery rate of the clothing quilts may vary due to their different materials.