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Shower curtain cleaning
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Canvas shower curtain cleaning

1, canvas or cotton curtains like other cotton fabrics, washed with hot soapy water, wash clean and then burn. Most shower curtains only need to dry. Moldy spots are difficult to remove. They can be washed with light bleach and then wiped dry.

2, if you do not bother to brush the shower curtain, you can add the shower curtain water in the washing machine, add eight or four cups of vinegar and then leave it for a night and then give the washing machine to clean. This method not only sterilizes, but also neutralizes all dirt and eliminates the hassle of brushing the shower curtain.

Plastic shower curtain cleaning

Use vinegar to wipe the soap bubbles on the shower curtain. Mold and grease. Let the shower curtain look like new. The bottom of the shower curtain is the hardest to scrub, you can scrub it with a brush and dip in salt water, because the fine particles of salt can produce a matte effect. Then wipe it with vinegar. You can remove the stubborn stains.

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