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Storage bag size
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Users choose to use according to their own situation

General 130*90CM bags are used for thicker than 2 meters;

110*70CM for double thick or two sheets for people;

100*80CM is used for two sheets;

100*67CM is for common use by double persons;

86*55CM can be used for air conditioning, blankets, pillows, down jackets, etc.;

80*56CM can put two single pillows, sweaters, etc.

50*60CM can be used to store several items such as thin sweaters;

50*35CM can be used to store baby's clothing or small clothes.

This is a very critical one. This is also the reason for the relatively large price difference. Generally speaking, there are mainly three kinds in the market: 0, 06 MM, 0, 08 MM 0, and 10 MM. For home use, the most suitable one is 0, 08 MM.

Travel bags should be loaded with as much as possible, should choose more suitable than 130*100cm