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The definition of EVA and EVA shower curtain
- May 07, 2018 -

The definition of EVA and EVA shower curtain

What is EVA?

The Chemical English name is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, the name EVA is for short.

EVA material application

Daily use articles: Rain gear, Eco-friendly baby bibs, Blinder, Tablecloth, Shower cap,

Shower curtain, Water bag, Cooler bag, Anti-slip mat and Clothespress etc.

Hygienic articles: Medical surgical suit, Urine bag and Food package bag etc.

Packaging article: Electrical dust cover, Cosmetic bag, Shipping bag, Gift bag, Fashion

package bag and Handbag etc.

Stationery article: Ring binder, File cover, Pencil bag and Senior stationery etc. 

Outdoor articlewater bag, fishing bag, tent, and all kinds of the racket bag etc


Product advantages

Softstrong shock resistance, good elongation, and excellent stretch-ability, super good

transparency, nice performance on waterproof and ventilation, non-toxic and

environmental friendly.

EVA shower curtain:

EVA shower curtain is made of the newest eco-friendly material EVA. It is a little thicker than PEVA material shower curtain. EVA shower curtain can reach international standard, such as FDA, EU REACH,ROHS,EN71-3,ASTM F963, Model Toxic, Phthalate 6p/4pLFGB and Overall migration etc. It is the best choice for you to decorate your bathroom.