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Towel Use Method And Maintenance Method
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Towel Use Method And Maintenance Method

How to use:

1.    The towel we use for different purpose should be different. The number of towels used per person per day should be 4-5. Divided into wash face, foot washing, bath and daily personal maintenance of small towels.

2.    Pay attention to the health of the towel, do frequent washing, diligent cooking, sun, weekly disinfection of towels. Do not hang wet towels in the ventilation bathroom, because bacteria and viruses in the wet towel for a long time to survive, breeding speed of geometric growth.

3.    All products have expiry dates, home textiles experts think that the using time of the towel is generally about 3 months, exceed the using time of the towel, it will become dirty and hard, then it will endanger health and become a new source of pollution.

4.    When you buy towel products, you must choose carefully, do not only covet cheap one. Many low-cost towels look very beautiful, feel good, but in fact they are made of waste raw materials and poor chemical dyes, some chemical dyes also contain benzene carcinogenic substances. People use this kind of towel to wash face is just like using industrial waste water wash face, can damage skin seriously, endanger health.

5.    The difference between the qualified towel and the fake towel: The quality towel is fluffy, soft, and has good moisture absorption, heat insulation and heat-resisting performance. Fake towels are easy to pilling, discoloration, water absorption is not strong.

6. Correct washing, regular disinfection: towels often in the humid state and it is very easy to breed harmful bacteria, mites and other microorganisms, which have greater harm to our body, so we should often wash, sun or ultraviolet disinfection, and properly stored. Hang in dry ventilated place when drying, natural cool dry or hot air drying.

     Avoid the human body sweat residue, so that the towel brittle damage, to avoid the body surface grease, skin residue, breeding bacteria, so that the towel produced odor, hair sticky. All cotton towel washing to avoid overheating and long drying time.

Tumble drying in the dryer can make cotton towels more fluffy and soft, while hanging dry does not achieve this effect.