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Decontamination Of Carpet Tablecloths Is Very Simple
- Apr 13, 2018 -

The beautiful table cloth, once dripping with coffee, soy sauce, and fruit juice, will immediately make the impression of a clean dining table compromised. If there are lingering stains on the carpet, would you take your shoes off with confidence? The person in charge of a decoration company in Macau told reporters that in fact, by using some small coups, you can make your carpet and table cloth look a new look. When you have dirt on your carpet such as tea, coffee, soy sauce, or beer, you can use carpet cleaners, borax or detergents, brush repeatedly with a brush, and then rinse with water. Ketchup, sauce and other sticky things get on the tablecloth. You can use absorbent articles like napkins to absorb and remove the stain. After repeated brushing with a brush, rinse with water.

 If the tablecloth or carpet is stained with egg whites, milk, ice cream and other lipids, wash it with warm water and detergent, and then use a proprietary volatile oil remover to remove fat. It is worth noting that hot water cannot be used because the protein is easily cured by heat, it is not easy to remove scale, and the carpet is deformed. Rice grains, chewing gum, and other objects are stepped on the carpet and removed by hand, and then brushed with a brush.

When urine stained carpets such as children, domestic dogs, and domestic cats are used to soil carpets, napkins, cotton cloth, or tissue paper can be used to absorb them first, then wipe them with warm water and vinegar, and then clean them with detergent.

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