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Our New Product Of Laundry Bag
- May 26, 2018 -

What is laundry bag?

The laundry bag is a kind of bag to protect the clothes when washing in the washing machine, it is made of porous material, put the proteiform underwear, sweaters or other items in this laundry bag, then pull on the zipper, put into washing machine. A bag made of polyester mesh or mesh nylon (a bit like the material of a mosquito net), can be separated using for sweater drying, underwear washing to avoid problem of clothes staining and damage.

Main function:

1. To prevent clothes being damaged by the friction of the clothing and laundry barrels.

2. Used to protect clothes, to prevent clothes deformation by the strong pull of the washing machine.

3. Avoid friction with other clothes.

Types of laundry bag:

The laundry bag is divided into fine nets and coarse nets. Fine mesh is dense as gauze. Coarse mesh, the size of the mesh is just like the size of the ordinary straw.

How to choose the type of laundry bag for different clothes?

More vulnerable clothing such as sweaters, should use a small net(fine nets) laundry bag. The thicker material such as curtain cloth, you should use coarse nets.

What is the difference between fine nets and coarse nets?

The difference between a fine net and a coarse net is the force of the water to pull the cloth when washing in the machine. Coarse net of the flow pull stronger and the cleaning effect is better than a fine net, but if the clothes are not too dirty, select a fine net is a better way to protect clothing, and also to reduce adhesion of other clothing friction produced cotton crumbs, not easy to raise the ball.

How to use the laundry bag?

There are 2 kinds of laundry bag, one is put the dirty clothes into the laundry bag, then put the bag into the washing machine, this kind of laundry bag is to prevent the clothes winding, deformation occurred.

The other kind is to put it on the outside of the clothes, is to prevent dust.


Our New Product of Laundry Bag