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Storage Bag Features
- Apr 13, 2018 -

A, save space, because it is a vacuum compression, the original expansion of the goods to get rid of the middle of the air, the volume becomes smaller, a simple analogy is equivalent to hand-squeeze the sponge.

B. No mildew, worms, or dampness. Because it is isolated from the outside air, it can achieve this effect.

C, the price is relatively cheap, generally this kind of bag is also a domestic physique also ten dollars to tens of dollars a range, very practical.

D, feel smooth and soft, do not change the shape in the case of low temperature. Using advanced seamless technology, complete vacuum storage do not compare the excellent bag storage bag with a few dollars on the market, compared to the storage bag on the market: non-environmental protection Material, this poor quality storage bag has odor, used to hold clothes, cotton quilts, it can be imagined, what kind of impact on our body. Material.