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Storage Bag Material
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Bag leakage does not depend on the material, sealing valve and product work, which all play a decisive factor. What brand of storage bag is good is the second thing to pay attention to is the material. Divided into: PA + PE, PET + PE, MOPE, PVC, etc. Now the best material should be PA + PE, this material bag flexibility is better, more durable, but because the cost is relatively high, so the domestic manufacturers This material is generally not used. The more common PET+PE is the high-strength composite film on the Internet. The disadvantage is brittleness.

The advantage of MOPE is that it is particularly soft and feels better than others, but its adhesiveness is not good, and there are more air leaks. PVC is not environmentally friendly. The third thing to notice is the quality of the sealing valve and zipper. It will also directly affect the compression effect and cause leakage. There is also the key to the work of the bag. It is easy to cause air leakage by pressing on the edges of the bag.