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Storage Bag Use Method
- Apr 13, 2018 -

1. Open the bag and put the quilt or clothing in it and put it in, at least a few centimeters from the sealed zipper.

2. Pull the bag over two-thirds, leaving one-third open, and open one-third of the mouth.

3. Lay the quilt or clothing and allow most of the air to escape from the mouth at 1/3 (this way you can save a lot of effort by pumping the air!) In general, it takes about 2 minutes to complete the pumping of a bag!

4. Quickly pull the remaining 1/3 mouth, sealing zipper part, if there is fiber, dust, will reduce the sealing performance, to use water gauze wipe clean or blow clean before closing the zipper.

5. Use a zipper to slide back and forth around the seal to ensure the bag is truly closed.

6. You can use a vacuum cleaner or suction pump to pump air, align the mouth of the vacuum cleaner or pump with the valve and start pumping. After the air in the bag has been exhausted, quickly pull out the suction nozzle and cover the valve cover. Press the valve cover firmly. can. (Note to the pumper that because the big bag has to be pumped for a long time, it is not necessary to pump it all at once, and the middle can be stopped and the exhaust valve can be tightened so that the air will not enter. After the rest, Or you have time to pump air again.) After you have finished pumping, be sure to cover the valve cover!